27 Sep 2008

Flowering autum shawl

Not to long ago I put this pattern from Garnstudio in my queue on Ravelry. Here the other day 2 coworkes had made it and it was super cool. So after seeing it I got fuel for my fire :)

On thursday I bought the yarn and startet as soon as I could thursday evening :) And today, just before lunch I finished. Just in time for this years first autum storm.

Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to autum, espesially now that I have one more warm shawl in my collection. And when I'm not outside in the autum rain, I'll be inside knitting, drinking tea and generaly just enjoying myself... :)

20 Sep 2008

A gift on the run

A good friend and co-worker was on his holliday during his birthday. The idea for a gift for him was ready a long time before, but since he wasn't here to get it I waited. But suddenly he was back home, like lightning from a clear sky (NOT!)....

2 intense days of knitting made 2 kitchentowels and a pair of potholders, the pattern I found at Garnstudio. I gave them to my friend on thursday (almost 1.5 months to late). It seemed he liked the gift, he was just worried about using them. They might get dirty and ruined, but then that is the whole point of kitchentowels and potholders in my book :)

6 Sep 2008


So many things to make and to little room in my tummy... And the fact that all I want to make isn't always good for me :(

I love to make things in the kitchen, I also, ufortunatly, love to eat. But I have found it smart to make thing I'm wondering about when I'm having friends over, visiting friends, going on lang walks in the mountain... All in the name of not having to many treats in the house, and to hear others like what I make.

I've always wanted to make something with plums, but whenever I have plums in the house I eat them as they are. *puff* - gone...

So yesterday I went shopping. Bought everything I needed to make a Plumcake I had found and made it, before eating all the plums :) This was rather late, so I tasted the result this morning. I've been tasteing all day, so this cake gets the thumbs up from me :)

Everyone who like or love Applecake will like or love this one too, I'm sure of it. :)